" I knew I was never ready to stop creating." Kit Willow Podgornik

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I see myself as an artist of many mediums. Artist to an entrepreneur. It's about making clients feel good about looking beautiful.


In my heart I have never left. I have been continuing design and creating but keeping it to myself. Now I am ready! I am here for me, for me and my boy. Elizabeta will be done my way. There are so many designers, businesses, cafes, salons out there. Not everyone suits every business. It would be boring to have just one of everything.


 "All the strawberries & cream in the world,

All the Jewels & thread there is,

It's never enough..." Elizabeth Skrlac 


Designing since a very young age I have branched out in many directions events, beauty, hair, managment and motherhood. I love all of them. My favourite by far is motherhood!


Event Planer

Fashion Designer

Bridal Designer


Beauty - in training.